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Welcome to the website of the town Mór!
Fenyves Péter polgármesterMór with its 15,000 inhabitants is one of the gems of the Hungarian towns. It is situated in a valley between the Bakony and the Vértes Hills, in the Central Transdanubian Region, 85 km from the capital. With the help of our website we can give a more detailed account of the past and the present of our town and we can inform you about our plans for the future as well. We offer you the opportunity to get an insight into our everyday life, our moments of happiness and our projects. We consider information a common resource, which is the guarantee of open-mindedness, publicity and partnership beyond its professional and economic importance.
Our purpose is to publish relevant and up-to-date information for the inhabitants and the people involved in the town's economy. I hope that I have managed to raise interest in our town while browsing our webpages and we hope to greet you as a guest in Mór, in the land of Ezerjó The hospitality of its inhabitants, the wine-growing and ethnic German traditions, its activities in fine and applied arts, the flourishing musical life, its continuous development and its distinctively human character make Mór extremely attractive to its visitors. We would like you, our Dear Visitor, to find a symbolic home amongst us, even for a short period of time, either through our website or in person.

Fenyves Péter

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